What We Do

Construction Simulation & Visualisation

Our Construction Simulation team are experts in conveying project constructability and sequencing through utilising a blend of software technologies to develop creative and informative construction animations.

Our team work with design and construction professionals to transform their projects into a virtual construction simulation to assist them in the following;

  • Project planning and scheduling 
  • Cost planning 
  • Site access and set down area requirements
  • Constructability analysis
  • Conveying design intent
  • Health & Safety Management
Construction Simulation & Visualisation | Associated CAD Solutions


At ACS we can take your construction programme and apply this to the 3D model to create a time and schedule based 4D model. This 4D model can be used to obtain critical path information and visualisations showing the project as it develops over time.  

Constructability Analysis and Sequencing

Our team work collaboratively with designers and specialist sub-contractors to convey to project stakeholders how particular elements of construction are sequenced to determine the most effective and efficient method of construction and assembly. This can be critical in identifying pinch points in confined spaces and restricted site access routes. This analysis is performed early in the project lifecycle thereby reducing costly delays and rework on site.

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