Project Details

Project:  Platform Installation
Industry: Manufacturing
Type: Construction Simulation Projects

Project Description

ACS was engaged by its client, a steel fabricator, to produce an animated simulation of the on-site installation sequence for this platform. The Platform consisted of bolted and welded sections. The sequence of installation for this platform was critical as the platform filled the entire production room and material access was restricted to a single opening in the building resulting in a very restrictive and confined area for the final platform sections. This animation was critical in determining the sequence of on-site installation and was presented as a clear communication tool to all relevant parties.

ACS was also involved in the steel modelling and detailing of this platform and provided fabrication drawings to the fabricator for manufacture.

Scope of Work:

  •  Modelling & Detailing of the Platform Steelwork for fabrication
  •  Production of Steel fabrication drawings & Material Lists for fabrication and site erection
  •  Creation of an animated simulation of the on-site installation

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